Friday, September 20, 2013

Huge Small Changes

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." ~W. Edwards Deming

I get inspiration from a lot of different places and in a lot of weird ways as well. Today it comes from a cartoon called Speed Bump by cartoonist Dave Coverly. It shows two sperm traveling and one telling the other, "eh, you go on ahead...I don't like change." It may take you a moment to get it, but change is what will happen when the one tail meets up with its destination.

Even at the earliest stages of life, change is happening to us. To think that the one that did meet its destination and accept change is actually us. We are the product of what was a fight to experience change. As tiny as life creation starts, such a huge impact it has on everything.

One might argue that a biological force of nature doesn't do so by choice. But since we are a product of that biology, we are also instilled with that same force which drives us forward. What happens is that the driving force exists inside, but we become too smart for our own good. We can overcome our reluctance by getting out of our own way thus allowing ourselves to achieve great things.

Then again, we each have free will to choose not to move forward. We can sit still and let life pass us by. We can choose to fall back and let others move forward to meet with change. When we do though, we leave so much undiscovered, so much unfullfilled not only for others but for ourselves.

Think back to my beginning story of the two sperm. One decides to stay back, only to live a short and lonely life; very short as a matter of fact. The other moves boldly forward to meet with its future. A long and great life filled with expectation and excitement.

Our ability to change doesn't begin and end at conception. It can happen at any point in our lives. We only have to choose to move forward with it; to push through and meet up with our own future.

Stay inspired my friends!

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