Thursday, September 19, 2013

What is in a Jar

"Go for it now. The future is promised to no one." -Wayne Dyer

A Saturday morning in fall, the sun starting to spread its warmth across the landscape and breakfast at the kitchen table comes to life. The coffee is done brewing, a short glass of orange juice and two slices of toasted bread are before you on the table. The butter melts across the browned grains and you wonder which type of jam to use this morning.

It is a great morning to relax.

Where did you get that jam or jelly? It is very likely that you got it from the heart of a man whose passion was birthed in that jar. If you listen closely to the opening of the jar, you will hear the love escape from it. You see this is a story of a man that loves a woman into something special to share with others.

This man, Big Papa, cared for his wife as she battled sickness. Every day he would come home to care and tend to her. For many of those hours she would sleep but he kept attentive to every breath she took.

In all those hours he found a passion for canning. The jams, the pickles, the various things that one can; pun intended. With each jar, a piece of their love went into each. Big Papa lost his wife but their love and passion fills each jar.

All of us have the ability to bring a passion to life.

The passion you bring to your life can create great things from the sorrow or pain that life sets at our door step. We could simply sit at an empty table and do nothing or we could get up and make toast and coffee. All we need is a jar of jam to open on that Saturday morning in the fall.

Stay inspired my friends!

If you are interested in meeting Big Papa in person, visit him at Suwanee Days if you are in the Suwanee, Georgia area this Saturday (09/21).

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