Thursday, September 26, 2013

Overcoming Your Fear

"So I will find my fears and face them or I will cower like a dog." ~Bright Eyes "Another Travelin' Song"

So many times we are confronted by our own fears. We encounter them and we are stopped in our tracks. The path we are on, the one that we felt was finally going to take us to a greater life becomes complicated by fear.

When it comes to fear, another lyric from the song above also says, "I'm not surprised but I never feel quite prepared." We travel our path of life and learn not to be surprised by obstacles. We learn that these things are going to happen. We even learn from past events to ready ourselves for these moments. Yet somehow we end up feeling never "quite prepared" for that moment.

But when the moment arrives, will you cower from it or will you stand up and overcome the fear? And why should we overcome fear? There are four reasons why we should overcome fear.

1. Fear Limits Our Full Potential
2. We Can Never Fully Run Away From Fear
3. Fear Is A Waste of Our Energy
4. Fear Is All In Our Mind

There are probably a hundred other reasons to overcome your fears. My belief is that the most important reason is because fear 'limits' our life. It prevents us from fully enjoying and having a greater life.

Overcome your fear and achieve more in your life and stay inspired my friends!

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