Friday, September 27, 2013

Your Crisis

"A crisis will reveal who we really are in life. Pressure squeezes out the reality of us. But it also allows us to learn and change what is revealed." -Dean Sweetman

It will happen eventually. There will be a time when crisis comes into your life. Money, relationship, health or any number of things could give rise to stop you in your tracks. Each will have varying degrees of pain or suffering for different people.

Who you are as a person will come to the surface when it happens. Are you good at handling each crisis. Can you see through it and find a way to overcome? Or will you crumble either in desperation or anger, only to worsen an already bad situation?

I have seen people crumble in the face of pain. I have crumbled in the face of pain. What I eventually came to was a decision point. It was the proverbial "fork in the road" point of life that presented me with two choices. They are basically the same two choices each of us face.

One is to sit and do nothing, forever wallowing in despair until our time is over. The second one is to stand up and get moving on with life. Changing our life in order to overcome our current circumstance and to better prepare ourselves for any future challenges that may come along.

It may sound simple. A "left or right", "yes or no", "stay or go" answer is all that is needed. But it can be the hardest choice you'll ever make.

Choose to move on, find ways to inspire yourself. The road is littered with those that gave up. Choose not to be one of them.

Stay inspired my friends!

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