Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Confusion Cleared

"Everywhere the sun is shining; All around the world, it's shining; But cold winds blow across your mind." -"Confusion" by Electric Light Orchestra

There are times in our life when nothing seems to makes sense. We feel we have lost all sense of direction and become confused about our place in time. It can be a frightening time filled with anxiety and often times depression. The sounds of others trying to encourage you are faint and distant. You have simply fallen into a state of mind in which you really cannot hear, but desperately want to.

Confusion is medically defined as "the inability to think with your usual speed or clarity, including feeling disoriented and having difficulty paying attention, remembering, and making decisions."

Confusion can be brought on by numerous conditions such as alcohol (obviously), concussions, fevers, fluid and electrolyte imbalance, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, or a host of other things. Seeking out medical advice is always good to ensure what seems simple isn't something bigger.

And sometimes confusion is a state of emotion caused by events going on in your life. It could be your relationship with another person, a job-related decision or one of life's many circumstances. We fight to control the emotion and work through it ourselves, but eventually it grows only worse. You lose your sense of direction and struggle to decide which way to go. So you stand still, caught in this state of confusion.

It is here, at this point, when you have to simply choose a point in all of the confusion and head towards it. The idea is not to figure out necessarily which point is the correct one, just head out in one direction.

Movement will cause change in the confusion.

You can always change direction again, but standing still doesn't solve your condition. It sounds so simple but all of us know that confusion breeds indecision and it becomes difficult to rationalize. So in reality, there is no simple answer, only advice to choose something and move towards it.

The cloud of confusion will eventually begin to clear in your life. The sun will look brighter, more stars will shine in the night sky and your life will carry on, clear of the confusion that once held you firmly in one place.

Stay inspired my friends.

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