Thursday, October 17, 2013

Real Achievement

We all have our own doubt regarding events that may or may not have happened. A close friend of mine has always questioned whether we actually landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. He doesn't doubt the later landings, but that first one still makes him wonder. When you accomplish anything in life, chances are there will be those that question it. And the picture above is 'tongue-in-cheek' of course regarding accomplishment. I look beyond the obvious statement and note that we can fool others but we can not fool our self.

As hard as you try, you know the truth of your own accomplishments in life.

Which leads us to being truthful about self. I have known people that repeat an untruth about themselves for so long that they begin to believe the legend. The stage is theirs and the audience becomes them self as well. It soon becomes a problem knowing what is the real truth and what isn't. But deep inside, you really know which one it is.

The truth eventually catches up with you.

The paper walls that you built will crumble around and leave you naked before all. And it is in the depths that you must rebuild the truth within yourself before anyone else will ever return as an audience. Which means you will be on stage, all alone, no audience.

Accomplishment becomes a label that others put on you. It is not something we place upon ourselves. You will know accomplishment inside and be able to pursue even more when it is truthful. Others may question it at first, but eventually they will see it for real in your purpose and action.

Be truthful to yourself and your accomplishments will shine on their own.

Stay inspired my friends!

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