Monday, October 14, 2013

Start and Run

Start by starting." -Meryl Streep

Okay, so you have made that decision to create change in your life. Your dream has been transformed into a set of goals. There are pieces of paper hung in those places to remind you of the vision. You are really going to do it this time you have reminded yourself a multitude of times.

You click on the 'START' button and all of a sudden you have choices. You had thought it was as simple as starting. The act of starting is a big step towards your goal, but the goal doesn't just happen. There are going to be decisions to make, changes to the plan and needed help along the way.

Think of the different choices presented to you;


And get the SHUTDOWN and LOG OFF options off your list now.

These are the options that say quit or end the journey towards a goal. It doesn't mean an end to life, it means you have decided not to pursue your dreams any further. That is why there is a HELP AND SUPPORT option available to you. A place to go that will help give you direction and assistance along the way. We each need help once in a while and don't be afraid to use it.

There are PROGRAMS that will work with you along the way and when you can not find your way, then the SEARCH feature of your life is available. Use those people in your life that build you up with real advice. Surround yourself with positive people and learn from the success of others.

You can UPDATE your goals along the way as well. You will OPEN the DOCUMENT that describes your goals. You read these constantly and try never to close it. When the time to update the goal comes, create a NEW DOCUMENT with the updated goals. Save and never lose the document; make copies and read them often.

As you get things figured out, you can SET PROGRAM ACCESS AND DEFAULTS that put those things into an automatic mode so that your energy can be focused on the goal. Just don't forget that even these items need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Finally, an important choice you can make.

The choice is to RUN towards a vision. You have been talking and dreaming of it for so long. Now is the time to reach out towards that thing you want.

It all "starts by starting" and you are on your way.

Stay inspired my friends!

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