Friday, October 11, 2013

Your Windmill Effect

"Your spirit is like the wind; you can not see it but you can see where it has been." -Unknown

So many people have so many different characteristics and ways about them. There are the funny, always have a joke for you type of people. There are the serious and very business kind that march in a very definite manner. We even know some of the downtrodden, "woe is me" people in life that only the bad things in life happen to them. The opposite exist as well, the ever upbeat person that never lets anything bother them type of person.

Whatever type you are, each of us has a spirit about us that can not be seen.

It is the "something" about us that others have felt after an encounter. Think of the last time you spent around one of these types of people. Did you feel "downtrodden" or "upbeat" after the encounter? Maybe you came away with needing to be more serious about life or maybe not so seriously?

But we will be impacted by everything that happens around us.

The spirit or nature of another person will have touched us and left its mark in our life. How you conduct your life, how you express yourself; your spirit will come through and leave its mark as well upon others. While it is said that only you can determine your own attitude, which is true. You can be influenced by others and their attitudes.

You can also influence others with your attitude...with your spirit.

Think about what your true spirit is and look behind to see what is left in your wake. Same as the wind blows through a windmill, we do not see the wind. What we do see is the effect it had upon the windmill. Our spirit will go unseen, but how it affects others can be seen. Understand what your spirit is and have a positive effect upon others.

Stay inspired my friends!

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