Friday, March 14, 2014

Mad World

"In the middle of a world that had always been a bit mad, the cat walks with confidence." - Rose F. Kennedy

I started the day thinking of writing about the goodness we have and comes into our life each and every day. As I thought and worked through those thoughts, I kept coming back to the words, Mad World. I kept thinking of a "feel good" article about how great the sun feels upon my face and how it can be a reflection of your attitude.

There is plenty of need for positive words in our lives.

Yet again I kept thinking about the reality of tough economic times, military personnel in action overseas, people posting articles of cynicism online and the news broadcasting shades of gray about lifes events. All of this can cause people to believe that life is at its worst.

I read the papers and watch the news. A plane disappears, a country becomes divided, people are terrorized, and a building blows up. There is so much happening around us. We lament the horrible state of things in Facebook posts and on television news commentary programs.

We never seem to appreciate what we do have, here, today.

The video in this article depicts another time in history when many felt that the worst of times were upon them. And yes, it was pretty grim and horrible. It was World War II, the feeling of it being a mad world was very evident back then. Yet the human spirit prevailed and we are here today, a little smarter and maybe a little better for it.

Life flows in waves of good and bad. History tells us that better times will come. The sun will shine again and the madness will seem to fade away. Learn that even if you feel alone in this mad world, there are others that are or have experienced the same thing. We will get through this.

Stay inspired my friends.

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