Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Be a Star

Humming all the way to Reno
You've dusted the non believers
And challenged the law of chance
Now sweet, you were so sugar sweet
You may as well have had 'Kick Me' fastened on your sleeve

You know what you are, you're gonna be a star
You know what you are, you're gonna be a star

Wing is written on your feet
Your Achilles heel is a tendency to dream
But you've known that from the beginning
You didn't have to go so far, you didn't have to go

- R.E.M "All The Way To Reno"

There is a certain amount of sensibility which starts to consume our thought process as we age. With experience over time, each of us develop a sense of what can and can not happen in life. We set boundaries of possibility for ourselves. As we do so, we express those limitations to those we might deem naive dreamers.

The lyrics from the song above speaks to the innocence of youth in which "your Achilles heel" is the tendency to dream. As we grow older we understand not all dreams are realized exactly as we had planned. We lose our will to dream.

In youth, we do not have the supporting experience to turn a failed dream into change. In growing older, we lose the ability to dream of change. An odd twist if we let it happen. The idea is to take your life experience and combine it with the youthful ability to dream of possibility.

Without it, you never choose to step through an open door of possibility.

With it, you walk through the door and believe in new possibility.

A 52-year old woman walked through a door of change by earning a college degree after deciding upon change. She is an example, out of millions of people, who take that step towards new possibility.

It is the innocence of youth that pushes them. It is the wisdom of age which allows them to know it is the right thing to do.

So keep pushing forward, try new things, walk through new doors. Change can happen and in the end, "you're gonna be a star" of course.

Stay inspired my friends.

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