Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cartwheels in Life

"I wish I said this because I often brag about doing a cartwheel, but no one believes me. The only way that they would believe me was by doing it, so I did! Now, I do things instead of bragging about them." - By Briana

As we go through life, there is a tendency to talk about what we plan to do. People ask us and we repeat the story over and over again about all of those thing which we will accomplish in life. The plans, the dreams and success we are going to achieve can fill our conversation with others.

What may not have occurred to you is that you are still just talking.

A point will come when people stop hearing what you are saying. They have heard your stories over and over but they never see proof of existence. The time has come to act upon the dream.

It is time to perform the cartwheel in your life.

Like a cartwheel, your life will get turned upside down. But also like the cartwheel your life will right itself once again. There will be a bit of disorientation along the way, but your head will clear. When you complete the movement, you will tell yourself "wow, I just completed a cartwheel."

There will be no need to tell others about the accomplishment. Others will see it in your eyes and in what it has done for your life. Stop talking and start performing cartwheels, the results will be great.

Stay inspired my friends!

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