Monday, March 23, 2015

Ten 4 Five - Day One

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
Mark Twain

This week I am going to take five days to say something nice about ten people each day. It is a challenge that helps remind us of the goodness that does surround each of us.

We can easily fall into complaint of others and even when we do say something nice, the words are unrememberable. So the challenge is to say something meaningful to ten people, each day, for five days. You can do this with the people you encounter each day, a long lost relative or in any fashion you wish to do so. I happen to blog and will do so here; the daily encounters I have will also be added encounters.

It will be tough to do but I know that each of you can. Do this often enough and it will become habit. Do this often enough and it will change their world and it will change your world. Stay inspired my friends.

Day One - let me start with family, where my heart truly resides.

1. Laura Primm

My wife, my friend, the one I love has a heart so big and true. You have an impact with every person you come in contact with such that they cannot help but be changed in a positive way. My life is constantly made better by your presence.

2. Joe Primm

Top line chef, health guru and compassionate person. Yes, you produce something great each and every day.

3. Jessica Campbell

Grit and determination are your greatness. Your perseverance will bring even greater things.

4. Dan Primm

Warrior and gentle father of Madilyn, those combined traits make you a great leader of men.

5. Sarra Everett

Essence of what others need; protection when vulnerable and a guide to the light they need.

6. Jon Primm

Pushing through physical hurdles to achieve what others only dream about; your career will shine bright.

7. Shirin Fletcher

Few words to describe the mountains you have achieved. Your greatness is only beginning.

8. Steve Primm

Your music, your passion, that talent is something to be shared with the world. The stage awaits you.

9. Pareesa Sarabi

People are simply better once you have been with them; your greatness is only beginning to take shape.

10. All the rest of my family

Such a large and supportive group of people. From my father, my siblings, to in-laws, the cousins, to nieces and nephews. Each of you help shape and influence the person I am and continue to be. Each of you are wonderfully talented, wonderfully compassionate and simply wonderful.

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