Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tend Your Garden

He took pride in his work - a lot of pride. He wanted it done right.” - Earl Hatcher

There was a gentleman named Woodrow Green from Summerville, Georgia who died a few years back. He had lived to a pretty decent old age, had many friends and those that loved him for whom he was. I couldn't tell you a lot about how he grew up or what his 'story' of life was but there is something which stands out.

He took pride in doing the best he could in all the simple things.

Summerville is a small mountain community in northwestern Georgia. The town is not far from places of note and not far from many of the carpet mills which the area. It is also home to famed folk artist Howard Finster. It is a town where people know each other and what is going on in each other's life.

Woodrow or as his friends called him, Woody, was a man who took pride in all that he did. He worked for many years in the carpet mills. He always showed up in a collared shirt, a good pair of pants; looking decent and ready to put his best effort into the job.

It is said that the young guys at work would wear old ratty jeans and dirty t-shirts. He was asked by one of the younger guys, "why do you always dress so nice?" Woodrow only replied, "I wouldn't wear those ratty jeans to mow my lawn." Those that knew Woodrow knew that he never did.

Even in his vegetable garden, the rows of beans, potatoes and sweet corn were lined up in straight rows. There was never a weed or blade of grass that interfered with the growth of a vegetable plant. Woody spent early mornings tending to that garden, never with the intention to show it off. He did so because he took pride in all that he did.

People notice what you do in life, how you act, and how you perform the little things in life.

People in Summerville noticed Woodrow Green, they learned something from Woody which made them better people. Your life needs to be tended like Woody's garden. Take pride in how you conduct and live your life. Others will notice and through you, will become better people.

Stay inspired my friends!

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