Wednesday, March 04, 2015

What Lay Inside

"Appearances are often deceiving." - Aesop

How do you overcome the outward appearance of things?

Do you try to see what is truly inside?

The picture above is a place across the street from a hotel I stayed at in Boston. It is called called Kings and the picture makes the place look quite a bit better then it did during my stay.

When you come up on it, you wonder how did they fit a bowling alley into a parking garage. As the door opens, stairs angle downward and you realize you are going into a basement. The first time in, you begin to ask if you made the right choice.

You then find room upon room. There are three separate bar areas, two separate bowling areas and one large billiards room. All quite nice and enjoyable. Our group spent two evenings there having a great time. As I am not a food or entertainment critic, I will stop with the glowing report. What I will say is that its outward appearance was not what we found inside.

There was so much more then what appeared on the outside.

The same can be said for people we meet. Each of us carry a certain outward appearance. From the down on his luck disheveled look to even the most well-groomed looking gentleman, we each have more on the inside. As it was, the convention I was attending with over 7000 people brought all shapes and sizes of folks. This wide variety of people are very similar to the people we meet each day. Each connection with another person is a new opportunity to discover what is inside.

The folks I meet each day adds a huge variety to my experiences. People bring great new things into my life. These people do the same for you with each connection you make. Each day you have an opportunity to look beyond the outward appearance of someone.

Go deeper and find something that exists inside of people.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" rings true and is not just a cute saying. If you look beyond the covering, you might discover a new friend who has so much to share.

Open the door of the bowling alley door or life of another person; discover what lay inside.

Stay inspired my friends.

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