Monday, April 06, 2015

Against The Wind

Rise up, warriors! Take your stand at one another’s sides with your feet set wide and rooted like oaks in the ground.”” - King Leonidas I of Sparta

Each of us go through seasons in our life. The good ones which spring forth promise of joy and great things. All that happens is good and we seem to float along without a care.

There are cold and wintery times when we want to crawl under a blanket and shiver from the seemingly bad which encompasses us. We long for greater things but the darkness of winter never seems to abate.

It is during both the good and bad that we should never stand alone.

As different as we are from one another, we can stand firm for someone in need. And while we might wilt against the bad, someone will be there for us.

Women have a very intense understanding of this. But men have a built in belief it makes them less of a man not to stand alone. We fail to see other men are going through the same types of issues. We fail to see it is okay to lean on a brother.

One who stands alone is easy prey while ones which stand together are an imposing force.

The ancient Spartans knew this lesson and used it very effectively. When being attacked, they stood together in close formation and their shields became one impenetrable shield. Then as one they moved against the enemy, one unbroken force that no enemy could stand against. They accomplished more than one single man could do alone, shoulder to shoulder, brother to brother.

Each of us are different as the trees in a forest. But together we can become a wall which breaks the force of the wind. A wind that would try to bend and break us individually. A wind that can be beaten back if we stand together.

Stand with your brother through both the good and bad.

Stand in support of others when the winds try to break us apart.

And stay inspired my friends!

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