Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Money 101

Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people that they don't like.” ― Will Rogers

Many of us grew up earning money performing small jobs around the house or mowing a neighbor's lawn. You might have even earned that money by spending Saturday evenings babysitting for your parents friends or delivering newspapers on Sunday mornings.

It turns out that many of us were never taught how to handle that money.

This lack of education happens for a myriad of reasons. In preparatory school, the basics of math, english and history are taught. There is a level of budgeting concepts taught but at that age, budgeting is the furthest thing from young minds.

As we get into our college years and or early job years, these things called budgets, credit, bills and savings are words we have heard. But do we really understand how handle the implications of each? Are we truly prepared for it?

Yes, the reality of money suddenly hits.

For a lot of kids turning into young adults and even older, the struggles to learn and pull out of money issues consumes much of their lives. A capitalistic system is a good thing. It fuels the economies of many countries. It creates opportunities to work hard, get ahead and earn more money. With those better paying jobs, the promise of better schools, roads and lots of things in the stores to buy. But what fuels it?

You and I spending money, lots of it!

The billboards, magazine ads, television commercials and even product placements in the movies we watch. We are bombarded by these things and more, all in of effort to get you to spend your money and to keep the economy flowing. It preys upon our nature to WANT things more than what we actually NEED.

Yet all of this spending short changes us individually with higher debt, less savings and a shorter distance to fall when something major happens effecting our income. Never fear though, you can learn how to handle money now. This is for all ages and it begins by reading.

Take it upon yourself to learn.

There is a great series at CNNMoney which provides a "Money 101" set of 23 lessons on the various aspects of our financial lives. It is simple but it is a place to start getting you on a great financial track.

Some of the lessons covered are;

- Setting Priorities
- Making a Budget
- Basics of Banking and Saving
- Controlling Debt

And others which take you into growing your money.

Start now, improve your finances and your life will improve.

Remember its not about the money. It is about you and how you handle money. Even the richest of us can be miserable and the poorest amongst us happiest. Handling what money we do have in a smart and sensible way makes life much better.

Get your finances in order and bring more balance into your life.

Stay inspired my friends!

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