Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let The Vacations Begin

"Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family." - Bo Bennett

A three-day weekend has come and gone here in the United States. It is a weekend that celebrates Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those fallen in service to our country. It is marked with patriotic parades, flags, salutes and solemn ceremonies.

This weekend is also the official start of summer vacations, the end of school and the madness of celebration with picnics, swimming, boating, fishing, family trips and all forms of fun. It can actually be quite hectic in all of its madness.

This rite of passage into summertime living is also a time we can use to refocus upon our relationships. Families are gathering, spending countless hours in the car traveling, kids out of school creating adventures and parents reconnecting watching them in the summer heat.

And what of the trip to see relatives for picnics, beach sand castles and amusement park rides. The flurry of activity, planning, driving, packing, unpacking, checking in, checking out, fast food, sit down, stand up...

Take a moment and breathe.

Do not allow the summer madness get in the way of your spouse, your kids, relatives and friends. Find time to "just be" with them. There will be other firework shows, other opportunities to catch a show or ride "THE" amusement park ride.

It can be very easy to miss seeing your kids growing up, enjoying their happiness and innocence. It can be very easy to miss the thrill of your spouse holding your hand while driving to the next summer event. It can be easy to forget how much you miss your friends and relatives.

It is also easy to slow down and allow summer to envelope you in the warmth of connection. To dig your toes into the sand and watch the kids in the surf will allow the connections to seep in. Holding your spouse's hand strolling in the park on a hot and sultry evening. Drinking a cold ice tea on the back porch with relatives reminiscing of gone by days.

Yes, summer is a time to work on our attitude. A time to work on our connections. A time to enjoy.

Stay inspired my friends.

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