Monday, February 29, 2016

Internet of Words

Our Similarities bring us to a common ground; Our Differences allow us to be fascinated by each other.” - Tom Robbins

The novelist John Steinbeck had a theme in many of his stories about the similar bonds of both love and our humanity "make goodness and happiness possible." It is during times of politics, war, sports, work and every day living those bonds are sorely tested.

I watch my social media accounts reading the various posts of those who are very good and decent people. The internet as soap box will embolden people very much like the perceived anonymity of sitting behind the steering wheel of a car.

The full discourse of human emotion, belief and conjecture are all on display as the melee of words spread across my computer screen. There is no holding back in many instances. The full impact of one's convictions are expressed in fervent display.

At times the noise and vitriol rise to a point of pure hate while other times you will see the crescendo taper off into an "agree to disagree" moment of concession. Yet no one is happy from the outcome and all we are left with is an irritated heart.

What if a partial moment of common ground could be found?

The areas of our humanness where to survive we try to come together. Does it have to be a widening of the gap between what is left or what is right? Do we really feel the middle ground is not a place where we can move ourselves in to?

Or do we simply believe the one who shouts loudest and most often will win over the day? To lead with meanness or or hate is the only way to get attention to be heard. Are we even listening to those who believe differently?

Questions meant to examine how we communicate with each other.

I have a great belief in humanity, in the goodness and love we can show each other. The communication we seek with each other will have its moments of clashing rhetoric. But we can also find commonality in respect and friendliness in our words.

Stay inspired my friends!

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