Thursday, February 11, 2016

Measuring Your Goals

Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction.
- Anthony Robbins

When goals are set, the next step is to find a method of measuring the progress made towards achieving them. A need exists to chart where you are on the path to accomplishment. While the end will always look distant, knowing how distant will help you stay focused.

This is why experts say to write down your goals and then list a path to them.

For each goal, write down those things which must be down to place yourself at the end. It could be be a goal to lose weight. What are the steps besides simply not eating? These steps might include a proper diet appropriate to your health conditions, a change in your exercise habits or possibly changing your environment.

If you work at a Krispy Kreme donut shop and love donuts, maybe a change is needed.

Maybe the goal is to find a better job. Some would think the best thing is to quit and go look for a new job. Normally that is a bad idea because you need the current income to keep you going until finding something new. So how does one do this when working 12 hour days?

Take an hour or even 30 miinutes each day to look through the papers, yellow pages, search the Internet or by driving around. See what businesses are out there either close to you or in an area you are interested in. Research these companies and find out more about their business. Is this something you would want to do. Is there something you could fill a need for them. Now create your resume based on their needs, fill out an application and contact the company.

There are many steps you can write down for any goal.

By checking each one off as you complete them, you move closer to realizing your goal. This checklist can be your measurement. Yet the biggest obstacle many times to achievement is your own attitude. You have to believe in yourself and if not, change your attitude first. There is nothing worse then working towards a goal and hitting a problem along the way.

Those with a negative attitude will let the problem win and they will give up on the dream. If you maintain a positive attitude, you will recognize the problem for what it is, a temporary and short-term delay in achieving your goal.

Positive people work through it and continue on with renewed knowledge and ability.

Dream your greatest dreams, believe in those dreams and in your self. Now create a written path to those dreams. Watch as you progress to the finish line, gaining momentum with others cheering you on to success. Your success will be an inspiration to others but it will also be an inspiration to yourself.

Stay inspired my friends!

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