Monday, February 08, 2016

Setting Your Foundation

"Setting a firm foundation better prepares us for success." - Dean Sweetman

January 1st, the first day of the year, is quickly fading into the past. That first day of the year is not really much different from the day before. But it is a day which most of us apply a significance to.

A way we as humans process time or events.

So if we view January 1st as a starting point for what we are going to do this year, then we need to start now. Even at this time well into the month of February. If we have not started, now is the time.

We must begin laying a foundation for what the year has to offer.

There will be opportunities which might come our way. There will be experiences encountered and success to achieve. We need the foundation built in order to take advantage of all that can occur in our favor.

When April showers come and May flowers of spring, will you be ready?

If January 1st is our day to start preparing, March 20 which is the Spring equinox, is our time to plant the seeds of change. Again, we must prepare ourselves early before the time to plant becomes too late.

Do not miss opportunity to plant seeds which will change your life.

Planning your foundation early and planting seeds to grow will prepare you for opportunity. The opportunity of rain and growth which sustains you through the long hot days of summer.

Without a strongly rooted vision, growth can not be sustained. Tall harvest of achievement will become a lost opportunity. That leaves us only with another long cold winter to think of what may have been.

Do not wait to begin setting your foundation for a great year.

Start today, start with change and start with belief that this year will be different.

Stay inspired my friends!

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