Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Who Are Your Heroes?

"Nurture your mind with great thoughts; to believe in the heroic makes heroes." - Benjamin Disraeli

Heroes are defined in many ways. The word is derived from the Greek word hērōs, which is "a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability." Most people who are labeled as heroes would be the last person to define themselves in that manner.

The more modern definition might be "someone admired for their achievements and noble qualities." This would me going beyond what would be expected of the everyday and normal course of life. As Will Rogers put it, "We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by."

It is others to create the label of hero, but for us to act in heroic ways.

Everyday in little and big ways our actions can go unnoticed by others. The single mother caring for three small children, struggling to make a life for them. She is certainly a hero to them. Or the person who donates their time or money to different causes. Always seeming to be there to help others.

The small things you do are often the ones for which people admire you. Most likely you will not even realize or expect the admiration. It comes down to having intention to "do good" in your life. This is something Dr. Wayne Dyer called "The power of intentions."

A way we can live our life.

I have been asked, "If everyone is a hero, what distinguishes them from anyone else?" A valid point and maybe we banter about the term too easily. Yet my first statement is "heroes are defined in many different ways." Whether these be societal or personal definitions, neither diminishes the other.

Take as an example stories from The MY HERO Project, which has the intention to enlighten and inspire people of all ages with an ever-growing Internet archive of hero stories from around the world.

A way to thank those who have inspired at the very least, you.

In one of the stories from the website, Andrea in Ireland writes, "My hero is: Mattie. Mattie, it is so hard sometimes to find the words to describe what a truly wonderful and inspirational influence you have had on so many in such a short space of time. I have no doubt that you would have little difficulty expressing the sentiments yourself as you have in all your works, using your combination of seemingly effortless thoughts overflowing with truth and sense and wisdom. I am honoured to count myself among those who shared in your story, and endeavour to bring your message of hope, joy and tolerance to all those who share in mine. God bless little angel. I thank you."

None of us will likely ever know who Mattie is, but a ripple can occur which will effect your life. It will do so in ways we will never be able to trace back to Mattie, but it occurs. The ripple touched Andrea near the center and will effect you by reading those words further out among the ripples.

So clap for those who have done something good in your life.

Continue to do good things and live your life with good intention knowing that to someone else you are their hero. With good intentions, you will live a life that is in many ways heroic. You will begin to realize there are people "sitting on the curb clapping as you go by."

Stay inspired my friends!

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