Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Where Did Time Go

"The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is." - C. S. Lewis

Normally I write early in the morning when the first two or three cups of coffee are still having an effect upon me. This is a very early hour which is well before allowing myself to get into the days work.

The time is used to reflect and write from my heart.

It works out that way most days, but other days the time just slips away. Today was one of those occasions in which I found the clock striking a much later hour before getting an article written. My daily work activity grabs my attention from the start of sitting down in front of my computer and does not let go. Some of those days the clock strikes 5:00 PM before I realize what has happened.

All of a sudden, time has slipped away.

The time was not wasted because quite a bit was accomplished. But my day never seems complete without having written. It has become habit for me and when I miss a day, I feel it inside. Most people may never know or care that I failed to write and missing a day of writing means missing the opportunity to impact in a positive way someone who needs to read those words.

Try not to miss our opportunities in life.

Opportunity is one in which we can help another person. It is an opportunity I believe each of us should strive for each day. Every moment that happens is a chance to impact someones life. To make it a better day for someone who needs someone like you. An opportunity to make life a little better for ourselves and those around us.

It is said that time passes at the same rate for each of us. What counts is what we do with it. Do we let time waste away or do we make it count for something?

Use the time you have to make a difference in someones life. Use the time so that it is well spent. Before you know it, 5:00pm will be upon you and you will ask yourself, "where did the time go?"

Stay inspired my friends!

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