Friday, July 22, 2016

The Good Old Days Are Today

"These days, right now, these are the good old days. I've always approached it that way. That's why I'm still working. I'm not the guy who is ready to sit by the pool." - Richard D. Zanuck

I can remember those Saturday afternoons growing up, my folks watching the Lawrence Welk Show. They are fond memories and at the time, were the best of days.

Lawrence Welk was born in the German community of Strasburg, North Dakota, and Lawrence decided music would be his career. He was able to get his father to buy a $400 accordion, over $4000 in today's money and thus goes his career.

It may seem odd to show what some consider old-fashioned or corny music, but many songs you hear today were probably held in his music holding companies catalog. Lawrence Welk's copyright holdings became one of the largest, most respected and highly successful independent music publishing companies of all time.

Chances are no matter how you consumed music during the 70's and 80's you could not go a day without hearing at least one song and more than likely many songs published by Lawrence Welk. All of the standards of the day, pop, R&B, country, rock 'n' roll, adult contemporary were in his publishing house collection.

You name it, songs owned by the maestro and written by the greatest songwriters of the 20th Century came at you via radio, TV, movies, Broadway, concert halls, boom boxes, home stereo systems, elevators, grocery store ceilings and everywhere else music was presented. Explore those musical roots and maybe you will find something new in what is old.

As Lawrence would always say, "An’ a one, an’ a two …"

The good old days were good then and so are the days today the good ones.

Stay inspired my friends!

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