Monday, August 22, 2016

The Life Aquatic

Life wants you to touch, taste and see the grandeur of the world's unfathomable variety.” ― Bryant McGill

Some time back my family and I toured the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. This facility holds a very impressive display of aquatic life presented in an amazing way. I have included a few pictures. What I found interesting are some of the correlations one can draw to our own lives.

There are so many of us in many different shapes and sizes. We become drawn to one another based on similarities and similar beliefs. There is also variety of life in both a population of fish as well as humans.

The type of people we encounter range from the nicest persons one would ever want to know, all the way to some of the cruelest people on earth.

If you look at a tank full of fish, you can see aggressive fish to those that go about their business not bothering others.

Some people will blend into their natural surroundings much like the Leafy Sea Dragon trying to go about life unnoticed. While others you just can't help but notice.

There are so many of us out there and life will present challenges when connecting with the wide variety of others. Many of these connections will be unexpected. Just remember there are quite a few fish in the sea.

There will be plenty of opportunity to cross paths with different people. Your impact on them and the resulting impact on you in many ways. So jump into life, the water is fine.

Stay inspired my friends!

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