Monday, August 22, 2016

Walk In The Rain

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ― Roger Miller

The evening ends as a slow rain begins to fall. The gentle patter of its rhythm pulls you into a wonderful hypnotic sleep. This is going to be a great and refreshing night of slumber you think as you drift off.

Then at 5:30 AM, the alarm pulls you rudely from a dream.

The new day is upon you and it all begins once again. As you look out the window, you notice the rain continues. The first thought is that traffic is going to be awful. Ready to go and heading out the door with a cup of coffee in hand, fumbling in the rain you are seated in the car. Now you find that you have spilled some coffee on your clothes.

Yes, you tell yourself, it is going to be one of those days.

Not even 6:30 AM and your attitude is sinking. One bad attitude can beget another. It is enough to really ruin your day and those around you. But it is your choice if this is going to make or break your day though. For one good attitude can beget another as well.

In an article, IT’S YOUR MOVE: THE ATTITUDE HAND, there is an excerpt from a book by Cyndi Maxey and Jill Bremer which discusses setting 'real life' expectations. The authors list 'UNREAL LIFE' rules that people get caught up in. They also give us some 'REAL LIFE' rules, those which can truly help to change your daily life.

I must never fail.
I must always look smart.
I must work very hard at all times.
I must never get angry.
I must always look thin and attractive.
I must always play it safe.

You can’t have everything.
Things won’t always go your way.
Life is unfair.
Some people will never understand you.
You can’t please everyone.

Real life rules are not meant to say, "okay, no use in trying."

Far from it, the rules are meant to release you so that you can succeed. Once you understand there will be ups and downs, that fairness is not a guarantee and all of the other things that happen in life, then you will be able to go forward and make change.

Be a person of purpose and change. Let your good attitude come to the surface. A little rain is going to fall on everyone's life, so walk in the rain!

Stay inspired my friends!

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