Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Smiles

"You have to have a certain persona to be a star, you know, and I don't have that. I'm a banana." - Harvey Korman

A few years back on the day before Halloween night, I had spent most of the day dodging misting rain attempting But late in the afternoon I put away my paint brushes, cleaned up and donned my banana suit. For that night was the night of Trunk or Treat.

Many places have these annual events. Churches, local neighborhoods or businesses invite people to, park their car in the lot, decorate the trunks of their cars and hand out candy to all of the miniature ghosts and goblins.

My role turned out to be comic relief for the kids.

I worked the money box for the "hot dog, chips and a drink" meal we were selling to raise money for charitable events. Sitting their dressed in a banana costume, I had a difficult time convincing the small kids I was actually an apple. It appears our school system had done an excellent job teaching these kids.

There was no fooling the kids and for one enjoyable evening, I could play the fool and get others to smile and laugh. To see a smile light up the face of another person, child or adult, is truly a magical thing to see. Even if a few adults enjoyed themselves at my expense, it was well worth it.

I can smile, they can smile and the evening is a success.

Every day we have an opportunity to put a smile on someones face. It does not mean you have to put on a banana costume to do it. Many times all it takes is a smile upon your own face to cause another person to smile also. Much of the weight of a sullen day can be lifted when we smile.

For me, having been wet and moving a large ladder around all day trying to paint my house was a distant memory once the smiles started. Your own day can be lifted when you smile and pass it along to others. Do not let another day 'slip' by (Did you catch the reference to banana peels?) without putting a smile on your face and the face of countless others.

It may not solve all your problems, but it will make them a bit easier to face.

Stay inspired my friends!

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