Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Where Does Truth Come

"The truth is now an opinion. Unfortunately, thanks to social media, you can live in your bubble of opinion truth for as long as you like." - Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah made the statement above in response to a question regarding this years presidential campaign in that "we don't agree on a truth anymore." And so it is, another meme gets posted by opposing sides and truth becomes a victim of exaggerated context.

We find ourselves normally influenced by the friends we hang around each day. Those people could be co-workers, family members, social friends or acquaintances. Many times there are varied political, social and religious views among all of them.

In many cases, we can have a face-to-face disagreement or discussion. The points being made can become heated but most always, the discussion means to look for a common ground of truth. And granted, it is not always found but the rhetoric has to be defended.

Social media changed and changes the rhetoric.

In the early days of Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets, people would post breaking news or events. It was a time when people would try to post the truth of a situation and when it wasn't others called them out on it. It began as 'the peoples' way to report those things the journalistic community was accused of not doing.

Things changed and people began to understand their own message was drowning in the flood of postings from other people. The ability to get their own view noticed was more and more difficult and the rise of exaggerated posts became more prevalent.

Journalistic or tabloidism in our postings.

The world of social media still has great value as does mainstream journalistic media. But everything the public has decried as unfair reporting, non-reporting or sensationalist reporting has become the exact same thing for social media posts.

We have become the very thing we rail against.

The aggrandized comments, outrageous memes and near lies, absolute lies and misinformed are seen increasingly each day. The ability to correct or discuss becomes an outright civil war of words with each side digging in deeper to their viewpoints, opinions and beliefs. They are right, you are wrong.

Truth is orphaned in the middle.

We create our own truth on each side of the debate. It is not the institution of politics, government, corporations, journalists or any other to blame for the division. We have only ourselves to look at and see where the problems of our society, government and lives need be worked on to resolve.

It is also where the answer to our problems exist. It is within ourselves to find the common ground. It is within us to tone down the rhetoric of discontent and slander in order to find the orphaned truth and bring it back into our life.

We are the problem but we are the answer as well.

We can live within the bubble or we can break free and live a greater life. For many, to live within that safe sphere of our own truth is how we will live until death.

For many others, to break out and find the common truth expands our lives and frees us from being so angry. To free ourselves from bubbles of supposed truth will strengthen us to solve the issues at hand.

It is within each of us to create a dialogue with each other. Only then will we find our way to live a great life.

Stay inspired my friends!

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