Friday, November 04, 2016

All Generations

My happiness comes from the donation of my life in many ways for the current and for the future generations.” ― Debasish Mridha

Every generation has a set of challenges encountered which are either created by the past, by the present or by our reluctance to confront the future.

The old might predict the demise of a present generation but fail to remember they were considered the future by an older generation. Even the present generation can fail to put in context the past and what was or could have been achieved by their elders.

What always exists is possibility.

Regardless of the generation, the time or the circumstance, all of us can strive to make life better for others which in turn creates a better life for ourselves. To say we want to return to the greatness of a time long past is to forget the pain and mistakes of that past.

There is only tomorrow and the lessons learned from yesterday. We keep looking to improve upon what we have done and create the best future that we are capable of. The next generation will take up the mantel and proceed as we have.

We can look at life as failure or as success.

I choose to look at life as success and to overcome the obstacles and mistakes we will inevitably encounter.

Refuse to let the wrong happen, believe in what can be and then try to create something better in life for both the present and future generations of us.

Stay inspired my friends!

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