Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Time and a Word

"...vita ch'è una cosa bella, non è la vita che si conosce, ma quella che non si conosce; non la vita passata, ma la futura." - Giacomo Leopardi

It is December 31, the final day of another year gone by. Time gets labeled with points to indicate its passage. We have dinner at a particular time, we wake in the morning at a particular time, we have to be to work at a particular time. We set an alarm to mark a point in time, we write down events on a calendar, we celebrate each and every moment as it arrives and leaves us.

Time could be considered purposeful only for the marking of those events and to order our lives. But time simply exists and exists only for a fleeting moment, a minute, a second, a nanosecond and then it is gone. It can never be repeated, it can never be captured in a bottle and it can never be undone.

Time leaves us only with the future.

If we were to call this, December 31 the last day would be to say there is no future. And of course we all know that tomorrow will occur. The Sun will rise on January 1, an alarm will go off awakening someone to the new day, others will be peering at their watch in hopes of arriving at work on time.

The future will happen.

You have a grand life laid out in front of you. Time is moving you towards that life which is your's to discover. There will be three-hundred and sixty-five days in a year to pursue and enjoy life. We will be hear again at the end of that "mark in time" to remind ourselves that continues to deliver us a future.

Go after your future with the knowledge that time will forever give us opportunities to live it to our fullest potential. Enjoy your new year, enjoy what lay ahead of you, enjoy your life.

Stay inspired my friends.

The English translation of the quote above is, "...life which is a beautiful thing, is not the life that you know, but what you do not know, not the past life, but the future."

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