Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ten 4 Five - Day Four

Genuinely good people are like that. The sun shines out of them. They warm you right through.” ― Michael Morpurgo

As the week comes closer to an end, here on day four I continue my Ten4Five series of simply saying thank you or expressing the goodness of people that are in my life. One way or another, we have an impact upon each other and I want to show the good in people.

1. Bekki Bailey

For many years, your smile and humor has accompanied great food in our cafeteria. Your abilities as a chef are astounding but your qualities as a person are even greater.

2. Christine Carey

At work, we probably do not say thank you near enough for much of the quiet and excellent work you do for us behind the scenes. Your abilities to anticipate, accomplish and drive the machinery of work are unparalleled.

3. David P Baker

The superlatives I could express would sound like a movie promotion, but then it wouldn't say enough. Your talent as a filmmaker, writer and teacher of your craft to others inspires not only myself but countless others.

4. Charlie Spell

Your example of what it means to be a good and decent person continues to push me as a man. Your impact upon others continues even in your retirement from a job as your retired life rumbles on with greatness.

5. Jim Crumbley

Where you have endured and conquered in life could fill a book for many other men to learn from. I have been fortunate to have watched and learned from a close distance for part of it. The lives of many men have and many more will forever be greater for what you have done for them.

6. Tom Hanks

A person that many would consider celebrity, I consider Tom a good person who just happens to be celebrity. You have shown what a person can do when given the means to do good things for others. I doubt that will ever change as goodness in your heart will always impact others.

7. Andy Penick

There are hills and valleys that you have successfully crossed. And while there will always be those same crossings to make in life, you have inspired me to continue the journey with a smile on my face and determination in my heart.

8. Kay Weeks

Your friendship and leadership teaches us to boldly go forward even in the midst of crisis. Life must and will move forward regardless of our circumstance and you demonstrate compassion while helping all those you touch to press on with that life.

9. Mike McDonald

Life can take a moment in time and change the course of one's world. Your perseverance and claim to a great life inspite of the obstacles is of great inspiration to many. The laughter and goodness which is you continues to fill my own life as it does all those many others you connect with.

10. Jeff Kane

If I were to forget my pastor, then I could not complete my Ten4Five. You are the inspiration for this series and in the continuing community which is our church. You have boldly taken on a challenge that will no doubt be a success because that simply is what you do.

Tomorrow is my final day in my own Ten4Five challenge. Will I have been able to successfully complete it? Stay inspired my Friends.

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