Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ten 4 Five - Day Three

"Surround yourself with good people. People who are going to be honest with you and look out for your best interests." - Derek Jeter

As the week progresses, there are still good people out there. So are close to me. Some were once close to me. All of them have left their mark upon me in a good way. They are all good people and the type of people I hope that you have had in your life.

Stay inspired my friends!

1. Les Perlenfein

I am digging trench along a house in the heat of summer. You bring a chair a chair, cold beer and great conversation. What more can someone ask for in life but to have know someone such as you.

2. Paul Fell

An art teacher who indulged my aspirations. While I am not an artist, your teachings gave me the ability to express myself. It has served me well through all my years. You are a great teacher, artist and person.

3. Lyle Thompson

So many years have passed with both joy and heartache in our lives. Your passion for life, work ethic and love of family have inspired me even in the long distance between us.

4. Scott Roumph

High school seems so very long ago, but I watched your success in the years since. And while I miss the times together, working together as Electricians, I appreciate the fact I can still call you a friend.

5. Steve Triden

A talented person but more so a great and dedicated father. When I see pictures of you and Tony, the love you have for your son inspires me to be even better with my own sons.

6. Jim Boeche

I feel privileged to have been connected to such an awe inspiring man. A talent in the medical field, a passion for the care of people and a huge heart full of laughter and joy. The joy you plant in others is reaped in your own joyful life.

7. Anthony Nebelsick

It is you that introduced me to the mother of my sons. Without that encounter I would not have the joy of these four boys. I know you have had success in life and it will continue. That same success will continue for you and those that connect with you.

8. Steve Trout

I do miss my friend, the one who taught me the easy and laid back way of life. You have talents beyond the ordinary, but the ability to simply kick back, drop a fishing line in the water and simply enjoy life remains a great lesson for anyone.

9. David Spell

My conservative alter-ego friend who is much more than that. David is simply a great guy with compassion for those in need and the ability to teach a word goodness in their life. Your voracious reading and writings are an inspiration for me to do even more.

10. Roy Carter

You get the family acknowledgement from day one but also individual acknowledgement. It was your friendship that saved my life when it could have spiraled into oblivion. You keep me grounded and encouraged to think things through while allowing me to hold my own opinions. Life is better because of you.

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