Thursday, April 16, 2015

Menu Change

I will continue my path, but I will keep a memory always.” ― Rosie Thomas

It has been 15 years of culinary appreciation we have had with our own cafeteria where I work. The breakfast biscuit and gravy and early morning starters helped set the tone for a great day. During the noon lunch break, there was always something to please the pallet and pleasing conversation.

And through those years has been our friend Bekki.

The changing times of the workplace and more people working from home did this. The need for less office space created a change which I am not fully certain of regarding the missed daily interactions among people. The work environment can create close teams and great accomplishments.

And through those years has been our friend Bekki.

Bekki was a part of that team as well. She was a part of all we did here in our corner of the working world. From the laughter and Wednesday joke to listening as one spoke of their children, parents or grandkids; her ear was always a willing participant to the conversation. As a friend does.

How many of us get to work in an environment, surrounded by people who care for you and miss you when you are gone? While a rhetorical question, it is the kind of work place we had here and Bekki was a large part of it. A workplace family that each of us are a part of.

And now that the time has passed, we will miss our friend Bekki.

There was Terrence, Melissa and many of the other folks who worked with Bekki in that cafeteria. Each of them brought a special kindness to the counter. Melissa scurrying about with the daily planning and a kind word for you. And I am going to miss my sports talk with Terence and his culinary greatness.

Without them, the vending machine only whirs and clunks in response.

Things change, that is inevitable. Another office cafeteria will get to know Bekki and the others who have passed through. All of us will move further along the path in our lives. But the memories of some great people, of friendly people, of Ms. Bekki will endure.

Thank you Bekki for bringing a smile and kind word to the day.

Stay inspired my friends!

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