Thursday, April 23, 2015

Useless or Important Stuff

"From the time we're born until we die, we're kept busy with artificial stuff that isn't important." - Tom Ford

I have many of the normal excuses you might have for doing something else instead of a needed task.

... was busy with a lot of important paperwork.
... the world was clearly going to end without it.
... was the only one on earth capable of doing it.

There are a lot of things we do each and every single day. Sometimes I simply get busy with the actual work I do each day for a job. I am sure that you are also very busy every day with the work you do.

Do we pile a lot of non-useful stuff onto the pile of important things?

I probably do because I am one of those self-proclaimed multi-tasking people. I find things to do which fill in and mix with the important stuff. During a slow work week, it can be very useful. But when busy, I do have a hard time cutting back and focusing on single tasks.

Heck, if I'm not working composing a document; tweeting every once in a while; checking email; working on a second project; all at the same time while ensuring my coffee cup is full - then I just don't feel I'm getting anything done.

Experts say the important work suffers in quality when we try to multi-task.

For me, quality suffers when I become single task oriented. I can become very bored with a single task but doing multiple things keeps me interested in the individual tasks. It is also my own type of creative process.

Creative process you might ask?

We may not all be artists in the strict definition of the word. But each of us use some level of creativity in most everything we do. The creation of a business proposal, creation of a meal at home, creation of a successful work shift; you probably get the idea.

Regardless of single tasking or multi-tasking, we tend to create artificial needs and the important stuff gets lost many times in busy life? It is of course relative to you and those around you. One persons "important" stuff is another persons "artificial" stuff. You have to decide what works in life and for those that surround your life (ie; spouse, family, friends).

You have to decide what can be tossed to make room for the important.

All of this sounds like setting priorities in ones life. Well it sort of is and don't be surprised if others judge you based upon your priorities. Use common sense and adjust according to you and (again) those in your life.

Some people thrive in a very busy, multi-tasking world.
Some people thrive in a more singular task type of world.

Neither is better than the other. Neither is the right choice for everyone. You have to figure out which one best fits you. From there, achieving things becomes easier, on your terms, with your style.

Useless stuff can be important, it just depends upon you.

Stay inspired my friends!

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