Friday, November 08, 2013

Economics of Life

"You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of." -Jim Rohn

With all of the economic troubles piled on top of so many other issues, it will be easy for many people to give up. There will be a lot of folks that take the problems as the source of all their pain. They will say that, 'if only the economy were better; if only my job paid more; if only, if only."

It is a lot to deal with and your ability to fight through it is magnified. But as my friend, Dean Sweetman states, "let us make this the year of the non-victim." Meaning that in spite of all obstacles, don't let yourself become a victim to the circumstances. Take responsibility for your own actions during troubled times and rise above complaint.

The baby boom generation and those generations since, are far removed from the depression era folks. A time when much hardship fell upon people, yet they struggled through. Each took responsibility upon themselves as opposed to waiting for others to act on their behalf.

Yes, certainly there were those standing idly by waiting for a hand out and believing that it was someone else that needed to lift them up. But what was true back in the 1930s is true today; you are responsible for you.

The government will do what it believes right in helping so many people in need. There will be charitable organizations that try as best they can to lift up those most in need. In the end though, it will take you rising above complaint by ridding your victim mentality. Only then will you lift your life to something better.

The economy of the United States and of many countries around the world are troubled. As an individual, that much is out of your control. But you do have control of your life and what you can do. So much of our success depends upon your attitude and by how well you get through your circumstances in life.

Know that much of it is out of your control on a macro-level. But you do have control of your life and your ability to change it. Be a 'non-victim' this year and see your world transformed.

Stay inspired my friends!

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